Paul Street

The former commended counter terrorism police officer, Paul Street now holds a strategic role as special projects officer for Colmore BID, the Business Improvement District for the Colmore Row area


I retired from West Midlands Police in 2017 after 31 years of service, initially as a uniformed detective constable, then with the West Midlands Regional Counter Terrorism Unit before ending my career as deputy to the West Midlands Police Business Crime Lead, developing a force-wide business crime strategy. I have spent the last year working as the business crime and community liaison lead for Soho Road BID before joining Colmore BID in January.


I’ve taken up a new strategic role as their part-time special projects officer for the Safe and Sound work stream. Safe and Sound is one of seven key themes for the BID and it focuses on delivering a safe and secure Colmore Business District for everyone who works, visits or passes through. We also work with a host of partners to support some of the most vulnerable members of our communities who are homeless, street sleeping and begging.


I’d like to see my BID projects really thrive and make a positive impact. It’s really rewarding to know you are making a real difference to people and localities that need your support. I’m overwhelmed by the energy and interest of community volunteers who are looking to do some outreach work within the district. They really are the unsung heroes.


Professionally, it’s being recognised and commended by the UK’s highest ranking police officer (then Commissioner of the Metropolis, Sir Ian Blair) for my part in the investigation of the 7/7 London bombings – I was one of many regional police officers seconded to the Metropolitan Police Service to support this enquiry at a time of national crisis. Personally, it’s being married to my wife Wendy for nearly 27 years and being blessed with two great sons.


Being tolerant of people who have different personal styles to mine. When I was younger, I had little time for others who didn’t think or act like me. Over the years I’ve matured to realise and celebrate how these different styles often complement each other and deliver better outcomes.


I’m a born-and-bred Brummie so I’m biased and very proud of our city. Brummies are the salt of the earth with a great sense of humour but not necessarily a great local accent. Wherever I’ve travelled around the UK people have always told me they think Brummies are some of the friendliest people in the world, and they’re not wrong!


What downtime? Some of my spare time is spent as a trustee for a locally-based children’s road safety charity called The Conies, a family of traffic cone-shaped characters offering a fun and interactive way for primary school aged children to learn about road and personal safety. Unfortunately too many children up to the age of 15 years are seriously injured or killed on Birmingham roads. Our charity aims to increase road safety awareness in both children and adults and reduce child casualty rates.

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