Old boys in annual battle

OHS takes the honours in golf tournament at Edgbaston club

The annual golf tournament between Old Hallfieldian Society and West House Old Boys Association took place Edgbaston Golf Club with OHS once again coming out on top. This year’s victory also included a hole in one by OHS’s Allan Fatah. The golfers were joined for lunch by Roger Outwin-Flinders, headmaster of Hallfield School, Richard Harper, chairman of OHS, and Celia Hooper, OHS executive officer. They also welcomed former West House headmaster Kim Duce, Jean Pratt and Clive Smith, chairman of WHOBA.


  1. Tim Venner receives the silver salver from Michael Matthews
  2. David Jackson, James Barwell, William Winstone, Julian Francis
  3. Harry Bowler, Nick Davies, Jonathan Carter, James Gittins
  4. John Austin, Bob Hale, Richard Baller, Peter Heath
  5. Paul Platnauer, Ted Rogers, Jeremy Thornton, Mark Adams
  6. Peter Lugsdin, Chris Williams, Rob Bulpitt, Nick Jones
  7. Allan Fatah, Robert Hall, James Harman Sherwood, Tom Handley
  8. Peter Wall, Richard Harper