Manahatta opens in Brum

NewYork-inspired Manahatta rolls out red carpet as glamour and glitz comes to town 

The beat of New York was pumping out at Temple Street with the grand VIP opening of NYC-inspired bar Manahatta. The red carpet was filled with eager guests excited to soak up the glitzy atmosphere of the New York City nightlife. The venue features neon signs and is decorated in flowers and boasts a velvet swing sofa, ready to be snapped for the ’gram. A giant disco ball dominates the dance floor, along with an iconic New York crossing sign giving one simple instruction: “Don’t Walk. Dance”.


1 Camille Gill

2 Trevean and Laverne Anderson

3 Dan and Tirena Nelson

4 Beth Roskell, Leila Smith, Sally Parnell

5 Ikela Lawrence, Charlene Wall

6 Summer and Marlene James

7 Jessica Watson, Andrew Strugnell

8 Ellie Greenwood, Alex Tross, Anita Champaneri and friends

9 Martin Wolstencroft, Anita Champaneri, Anni Opong