Gabrielle Killick

First stop, Best Newcomer… next stop, the Oscars! Stand-up, theatre, film, TV – Gabrielle Killick can do the lot

Gabrielle Killick has lived a bit of a whirlwind since embarking on a three-year intensive course at Birmingham School of Acting (BSA), and even more so since she graduated last summer. In her second year she took her one-woman show, May I Take Your Order, to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which whet her appetite for stand-up. She was then voted best newcomer at Birmingham Festival within a month of graduating and is now shooting an independent film that’s set for release in 2017. BSA was a no-brainer for Gabby which she fell for as soon as she stepped through Millennium Point’s shiny doors. She recalls: “It’s this great conservatoire of creative things and I just knew I wanted to be there.” Competition for places was fierce and a tough audition process followed which Gabby excelled in despite being one of the youngest applicants.


Although Gabby’s training was predominantly theatre she’ll try her hand at anything. She says: “I want to get to 50 and think I gave it absolutely everything.” Stand-up has been a revelation and while she still finds it nerve-wracking, the pay-off is worth it. “I love laughing and I love making people laugh. It’s also given me the confidence to perform alone.” Winning best newcomer at Birmingham Festival has opened doors and Gabby has just filmed No Fruit At The Bottom produced by Jeztatopia in which she plays a sexy, edgy character called Sophie who has an affair with her sister’s manipulative boyfriend. It’s currently in editing and expected to be released in early 2017. There’ll be no rest for Gabby though. She’s back on the comedy circuit this month with her show Girlfriend from Hell which went down a storm in London. She offers advice on everything from how to get into a nightclub when you’re too drunk to what to do when you lose your skirt. Ambitions? “No question. I’m going for the Oscars!” We’d back her.