Eats & treats at business gathering

Autumn favourites on the menu as guests tuck in at Calthorpe event

Edgbaston Golf Club pulled out all the stops for the latest Calthorpe Business gathering which saw autumn very much on the menu. More than 60 guests were treated to sausage and mash, fish and chips and vegan Thai curry. They also heard the latest from the Calthorpe team on a new-look website, development news and new customers as well as from guest speakers Smoke + Ash and Edward’s Trust.


1 Helen Tomblin, Nathan Southall, Annelle Rowlands
2 Charles Warrack, Harvey Pearson, Jack Summers
3 Claire Fain, Rhoda Beetlestone
4 Pavan Patel, Alan Perry, Dan Ellis
5 Clare Collins
6 Haydn Cooper, Ed Purcell
7 Nick Shioleftou, Emma Davenport, Chris Adams
8 James Bridge, Alex Herrmann, Sarah Webb
9 Simon Trimmer, Georgia Burke, Ben Scandrett