Youth message at fashion show

Choose life over death is focus in fight to change knife gang culture 

Alphaatire’s first event and fashion show was held at TC’s Centre, Moseley Road, Balsall Heath in conjunction with new clothing brand Life Over Death (L-OR.D) which focuses on making a positive change within youth in relation to gang culture and knife crime. The show was hosted by Shovon Wiggan and as well as clothes from Alphaatire and Life Over Death, there were performances from artists Jay L’ Booth, Slickz and RsKrr.


1 Samantha-Jayne, Heckly Man

2 Sharna Johnson, Jasmine Barnard

3 Isa Khan, Mya Henry

4 Zeryab Nadeem, Amy Saunders

5 Levar Darrell, Handreth McGowan

6 Tammy Rose Bringloe, Lloyd McDonald

7 Tanya Fuller, Ben Ffrench, Abe Gabriel

8 Juddah James, Tueson Stuart, Shovon Wiggan

9 Tanya Fuller, Abe Gabriel

Photography by Andrew Llewellyn