Tru Powell

Background doesn’t matter and life is limitless. That’s the mantra of the creator of Creative Entrepreneurs podcast, Tru Powell, who is a massive champion of Brum and the people and organisations who make our city great 


I’m an award-winning creative entrepreneur, publicity coach and personal branding strategist helping people to cultivate their personal brands. I also run the MBCC (Multicultural Business and Community Champion) Awards which celebrate individuals and organisations that make the world a better place.


I recently launched the Creative Entrepreneurs podcast which has been really well received. Guests so far have included Gym Shark’s Ben Francis and Jamelia with lots more inspirational people to come. The aim is to inspire the next generation to turn a passion into profit and monetise their talent. People tend to see a creative leaning as a hobby rather than a career, so I’d like to change that mindset.

The podcast was a difficult thing to do and I procrastinated a lot. I knew I wanted to do it, but I definitely felt the fear. I still fight with insecurity about my Brummie accent for example, but the more I talk on national platforms, the more I get used to it. I’ve also built a Creative Entrepreneurs community of more than 20,000 on audio platform Clubhouse which gave me confidence. I got over the fear and did it anyway and I’m so glad I did.

Working on the MBCC Awards is a joy. We’ve got some amazing ambassadors on board this year as well as nominations. We’ve added a category for Frontline Worker of the Year. From consultants to cleaners we’re looking for nominations for people who have gone the extra mile.


I know it’s a cliché, but genuinely just to be the best version of myself. I’d like to be an example to those from similar communities. Representation is really important and I’d like people to think ‘if he can do it, so can I’.


My biggest achievements are my most rewarding, so working with young people at Aston Performing Arts Academy is up there. I may have met young people whose lives were on the verge of destruction, but then having worked with them for 10 years or so watching them grow and succeed is special.


That I shouldn’t allow previous circumstances define me. Background doesn’t matter and once you embrace that life is limitless. For lots of people, growing up in the inner city with zero representation means that success doesn’t feel like an option. We need to silence those limiting beliefs and representation is crucial to achieving that.


The people! I love Birmingham. The Midlands is the beating heart of this country. It’s passionate and vibrant and full of community spirit whether that’s business or grass roots.


Three things – fitness, reading and family time.