Pornstar martini

Pimp up your Christmas with this naughty little crowd-pleaser 

So, you may not be spending much time in your favourite swanky bar this December but there’s no reason why you should deny yourself your favourite swanky cocktail. Pimp up your Christmas with this now legendary fruit and vanilla crowd-pleaser. But enjoy responsibly and make sure you have a healthy festive season.


  • 2 ripe passion fruit
  • 60ml vanilla vodka
  • 15ml Passoa liqueur
  • 15ml vanilla syrup
  • 15ml lime juice
  • Champagne


Cut the passion fruits in half and scoop out the seeds and flesh (if you’re feeling proper flash, keep one half untouched to use later as a garnish).

Add the passion fruit along with your vodka, Passoa liqueur, syrup and lime into a Boston shaker with plenty of ice and shake until the shaker feels ice cold.  Strain into a chilled martini glass and add the garnish if you’re showing off.

Legend suggests that you should serve with a shot of Brut Champagne on the side but we won’t tell if you choose prosecco instead…