Party time for landmark project

Priory House development welcomes its first residents

Elevate Property Group hosted a garden party at its recently completed Southside development to celebrate the successful regeneration and transformation of Priory House into 79 apartments. In attendance were many of those residents who were the first to move in along with a number of those professionals involved in the development process.


1. Tommy Chan, Milly Shaw, David Hofton, Dorian Chan, Kin Bong Lam

2. Lauren Colwell, Christiana Platini, Alex McCormack, Sam Meetan

3. Louise Phillips, Neil Inman, James Dodd, Savannah Severn

4. Peter Chan, Bo Chan, Neil Peppard, Lisa Brown,

5. Oliver Law, Marek Torac, David Hofton, Kiran Karra, Joyce Tia

6. Urban Myth Artwork ­– a tribute to The Shadowman/The Godfather of Street Art