Birmingham Marriott spa

I always feel a bit naughty visiting a spa on a weekday which only adds to the appeal, so it was with excited anticipation that I skipped off to the Marriott on a Tuesday for some R&R.

I’d stayed at the Marriott a few times but never sampled the spa. It used to be my hotel of choice when I lived in the capital but needed to be in Birmingham for business. It’s also a stone’s throw from Simpson’s which was always a bonus! The spa is located on the lower ground floor of the hotel and the lovely Elizabeth was on hand to give me a tour. When I say tour, the spa is quite small so it was a quick one, but that was a plus point for me. Its size meant it felt friendly, quiet and relaxed yet it has all the facilities you’d expect from a really great spa.


The three treatment rooms are all equipped with customary low lighting and hypnotic spa music. The pool looked very inviting although I couldn’t swim due to a beauty related injury – a long story and thankfully nothing to do with the Marriott. Firstly, it’s worth mentioning the ceiling. Sometimes when you’re lying flat on your back in a spa it’s clear that nobody who works there has ever experienced the same view because you’re left gawping at an air-conditioning unit or something equally ugly. Here each treatment room has an attractive cream and metal drape above the bed which is a really nice touch. The range of treatments is extensive, but I opted for a facial as my skin needed some serious wizardry to get it back on track. Blotchy and dry is probably not a therapist’s dream, but I was hoping they could help. Elizabeth gave me a thorough consultation and we ran through my skin type and skin care regime in detail.


All the products used are Decleor which I love, so this all sounded promising. After face mapping and cleansing came exfoliation. I’m used to buffing my skin with a grainy product that feels like it’s doing the job, but the Decleor version was a thick smooth paste that was applied then rubbed off without any scrubbing. This might be where I’m going wrong. Although it felt strange it worked a treat and left my skin feeling much smoother. The face mask and the shoulder and neck massage that followed felt fantastic. I hadn’t felt particularly stressed when I arrived, but now completely chilled out I realised I probably was. My shoulders dropped and I felt great. After leaving the treatment room I made my way to the relaxation room which I didn’t find that relaxing. The furniture is more akin to a waiting room, but it’s a minor detail as the loungers by the pool are a perfect place to chill out.


The after-care advice from Elizabeth was great. She recommended a couple of products to try at home and advised working a monthly facial into my regime which at a mere £29 would slot in nicely. On the day after my treatment I was a bit pink, but over the following couple of days I did notice a difference. My skin felt plumper and smoother and generally a bit younger which I guess is what we’re all striving for. Whenever I’ve found a spa experience or treatment I particularly rate like this one, I say convincingly that I’ll definitely go back and I hardly ever do. The difference here is I’ve already made the call and booked another facial which is very telling indeed.

Birmingham Marriott Hotel, Hagley Road, Five Ways, Birmingham B16 8SJ Tel: 0121 454 6984