Wonderful watercress

Our Kedgeree with Watercress recipe isn’t just super-tasty, it’s mega-nutritious too 

Watercress is astonishingly nutrient-dense and it’s bang in season this month. High in Vitamins C, A, K and B6, it also has a higher calcium content than milk and more potassium than a banana. It’s high in iron and is a source of protein. The vitamin C in watercress helps your body digest the iron, meaning that you get optimum nutrition.

Watercress has also been linked to anti-ageing processes, having anti-cancer properties and has shown it can support your gut health. So, why not give our tasty Kedgeree with Watercress recipe a whirl? Also, try replacing some standard ingredients in your favourite meals, like spinach, with watercress to add a peppery, vibrantly green and healthy twist…

Kedgeree with Watercress 


• 100ml Whole Milk

• 2 smoked haddock fillets

• ½ tbsp olive oil

• ½ onion, chopped

• Small piece ginger, grated

• 1 garlic clove, minced

• ½ tsp turmeric

• ½ tsp curry powder

• 100g basmati rice

• 2 eggs

• 80 watercress, chopped finely


Heat the milk and around 50ml of water in a large pan on a low heat. Add the fish, skin-side down, and poach for around 5 minutes. Remove carefully and flake it. Set aside and reserve the liquid for later.

Heat the olive oil in a large frying pan and fry the onion before adding garlic, ginger, turmeric and curry powder. When the onion is soft, add the rice and allow it to soak up the flavours in the pan.

Make the reserved poaching liquid up to around 150-200ml with water before adding it to the pan. Simmer for around 10 minutes. Meanwhile, in a pan of boiling water, boil the eggs for around 6 minutes – this should give you a gooey yolk (although you can boil for longer if you prefer.)

Once the rice is cooked, stir through the haddock and watercress. Quarter the cooked eggs and place on top to serve.