Wine tasters enjoy first glass travel

Business professionals toast world’s finest at EDGE event

A specially invited group of business professionals enjoyed networking and fine wines at a tasting event hosted by EDGE Creative at Hotel du Vin, Church Street. Guests were invited to ‘travel the globe in a glass’ by trying an array of different wines from around the world at the event which was sponsored by Investec Wealth & Investment

Photography by DT Studios


1 Chrils Iles, Lesley Wilde, Andy Garner, Jayne O’Malley

2 Raimund Berens, Mark Panayides, Iain Hall, Bret Jackson

3 Lloyd Ansermoz, Zuzana Kunertova

4 Louise Panayides, Tony Elvin, Andrew Kay

5 Steve Evans, Bill Goode, Morgan Rees, Liam Owen, David Graham

6 Terry Michael, Nick Jones

7 Matthew Beck, Simon Kallu

8 Tony Elvin, Terry Michael, Emma Watt Rogers, Miriam Gunn