Wine lovers toast Connolly’s

Connolly’s stage special tasting for 250 guests to celebrate 40 years in the city

Birmingham’s oldest wine merchant celebrated its 40th anniversary with a wine tasting attended by 250 guests. Connolly’s, which has been trading in the city since 1976, showcased more then 100 of its most recent discoveries, many of them exclusive to the Livery Street-based importer. Surprise hits of the night came from Turkey and Uruguay. Managing director Chris Connolly said: “I’m not sure what my father would have made of such an eclectic range but I’m pretty confident he would have been excited by the quality.”

Photography by Dale Martin


1 Michele, Alison, Lyn and Malcolm Buchanan

2 Mike Wiseman, Lizzie Brown, Keith Matthews

3 Anne Pipe, Helen Powell

4 Daniel Stones, Hollie Downes, Vicky Edwards, Andy Williams

5 Keith Price, Jayne Surman, Chris, Abigail and Tania Connolly

6 Cat Orchard, Damon Scott, Linda Orchard

7 Laurie Morley, Molly Lawrence, Sue Silk, Noula Knight

8 Vicky Osgood, Amy Seton

9 Wendy Noble, Geoff Beak, Sarah Dowler