VIP launch of Be At One

Be At One treats guests to evening of drinks and fun entertainment

The city’s VIPs and high-fliers were welcomed for a special launch evening at the new Be At One bar in Brindleyplace. Guests were treated to drinks and entertainment at the fun-filled event which gave the Be At One team the chance to show off both their skills and the bar’s beautiful interior.


1 Jason Jones, Sophie Webber, Garry Peal, Chrissie Wolfe, Mario Flanagan

2 Chrissie Wolfe, Katie Fulcher, Ian McLaughlan

3 Emmalene Fletcher, Ting Newall, Adrian Newall

4 Jordan Whittington, Hannah Newton, Rachel Stewart

5 Natalie Power, Joanne Brain, Elizabeth Martin

6 Nici Moran, Jessica Holland

7 Stephen K Chand, Katherine Adams, Helen Malley, Daniel Stones, Dolly Chakrborty, Jessica Waite, Aleksandra Theodorakopoulos-Drogitis