Tipple Truck toast of the town

UK’s only fire engine bar on call for lovers of craft beers

A party at the Genting Arena welcomed the Tipple Truck, the only fire engine bar in the country which is fitted with the technology to let customers pour their own drinks. The engine uses an Oyster card-style system, so people buy credit, take their card to the pumps and choose which drink to sample. The truck gives the opportunity to try new craft beers brewed by small micro-breweries that drinkers may not have come across before. The beers change on a regular basis.

Photography by Dale Martin


1 Jason McGreene, Mel Evans, Richard Brown

2 Alice Chamberlain, Victoria Valentine, Nat Griffiths, Tim Rees

3 Sat Singh, Katie Hale, Scott Barnet, Charlie Sangha

4 Simon and Becky Hanns, James Hilton, Daphne Johnson, Andrea Keats

5 David Leech, Anetta Ivanova, Mark Kennedy

6 James Bodicoat, Nigel Simkin, Nick Gregory

7 Neil Haynes, Paula Butterly, Tom Butterly

8 Sammi and Simon Tong