Stuart Haseley-Nejrup

An exciting new job and the thrilling arrival of baby boys has made it some year for the self-confessed ‘aviation geek’ Stuart Haseley-Nejrup, head of customer experience at Birmingham Airport


My aviation career started at a UK airline as cabin crew on a six-month contract, which I thought would be fun for a summer. I realised how much I loved the industry and made my way through the ranks before becoming head of crew training and engagement for an international organisation looking after 26 airlines throughout the world. Last year my life changed forever when my husband and I adopted our beautiful sons and the role at Birmingham Airport came along. This gave me an opportunity to remain in the industry I love, while being able to be home each night to put my kids to bed.


As head of customer experience, I interact with almost every part of the airport’s operation. Over the coming months I will ensure we understand where we currently are in terms of customer experience and build a clear strategy to take us to the next level. This will include the introduction of a customer charter – our promise to our customer – a new look and feel to our uniforms, ensuring our people are easily identifiable for our customers, and ensure we develop and equip our people with the tools needed to deliver great customer experiences.


On a personal level, last year I achieved my biggest ambition in life to become a dad when we adopted our amazing sons! They are now fast approaching two and I can’t wait to bring them to the airport and turn them into fellow aviation geeks. Career-wise, I am passionate about the customer and proud to be from the Midlands and want to make a difference to our airport. I can’t tell you how proud my family are that I work at Birmingham Airport! It’s a special place.


Nothing compares with the thrill of adopting our sons!


Have the confidence to ask questions and truly understand what is expected before agreeing to deliver something. When I was first in a management role this was hard as I didn’t want people to think I didn’t know what I was doing. It’s always best to be open and honest to save later embarrassment.


I am from the Midlands and went to university in Birmingham and so have loved this city, its people and culture for many years. I remember walking through the Bullring when it was market stalls and watched it grow into an incredible, modern diverse city. It’s one of the best cities in Europe. There is no better welcome than a Brummie one!


Now we have our boys, anytime at home is spent having fun, going on adventures and creating happy memories.