Snap happy Croatia

Croatia is one of the most striking holiday destinations in the world, with picture-perfect spots galore to take those Insta-worthy uploads – and all within easy reach from Birmingham Airport

From natural beauty, to scenic coastlines and historic cobbled towns, there’s plenty in Croatia to inspire your next photo album. Check out our three top locations with photo tips on where you can capture those all-important holiday shots. What’s more, getting there couldn’t be easier with direct flights from Birmingham Airport.

Plitvice Lakes

Protected in one of the oldest national parks in the region, the Plitvice Lakes has become famous around the world as one of the most beautiful natural spots. It’s no wonder really, with boardwalks suspended over turquoise waters, spectacular viewpoints and photogenic waterfalls – the perfect place for visitors of all ages.

With plenty of ground to cover (73,000 acres to be exact), there are several ways to get around the lakes. There are four hiking trails split into seven different routes to tour the park. If hiking isn’t your thing, you can also get around by boat or shuttle.

You can visit in all seasons. In summer the park boasts lush greenery, while winter is likely to see snow and spectacular frozen waterfalls. The orange and browns of autumn are also a hit as are the fresh spring days with rushing waterfalls from the melting snow. May, June, September and October are considered the best months. July and August are the busiest times, so avoid if you dislike the crowds.

Getting there: Fly direct to Split from Birmingham with Flights depart twice weekly during the summer season on a Wednesday and Sunday. Once you land, travelling from Split to Plitvice is easy. A one-way trip from Split to Plitvice by car is a two-and-a-half-hour drive. 

Arena in Pula

Rome doesn’t have the only coliseum. Around a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Spilt you’ll find the Arena of Pula. Constructed between 27BC and 68AD, it’s the sixth largest coliseum in the world and only remaining Roman amphitheatre to have a four-sided tower. You can get a decent view of the Arena from just walking around the outside, but the entrance fee allows you to clamber among the stones and visit the underground chambers with passages which were once used by gladiators. THE Arena was built to hold 20,000 spectators and is still used today as an outdoor cinema and to host events as diverse as ice hockey, foodie markets and much more. Make sure you check out what events are on during your visit.

Getting there: Fly direct to Pula from Birmingham with and TUI. Flights depart three times a week during the summer season on a Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. Once you land, there are shuttle buses that take you directly to Pula bus station and from there, taxis and city buses take you to the various parts of town. Alternatively, you can rent a car from Pula Airport.

The Old City Walls

Dubrovnik’s old city walls are one of the city’s best-known features. Built in the 10th century and modified in the 13th and 14th centuries, they stand up to six metres high and six metres thick – providing a solid defence against invaders back in the day. Game of Thrones fans will be excited to learn that a number of scenes were around and on top of the walls. Totalling nearly two kilometres in length, Dubrovnik’s city walls make a great spot for a casual stroll and offer numerous excellent views and perfect-picture opportunities.

Getting there: Fly direct to Dubrovnik from Birmingham with and TUI. Flights depart four times a week during the summer season. Once you land, you can jump on one of the regular buses that take you direct to the city or use a taxi or private transfer.