Sharon Osbourne

The formidable Mrs Osbourne is heading to Birmingham this month with an unapologetic show in which she’ll take questions from the audience on any subject you care to fire at her. But probably best to wear a tin hat! 

Last summer, Birmingham honoured one of its favourite sons, legendary rock star Ozzy Osbourne by naming the giant robotic bull from the Commonwealth Games after him. Following a huge swell of public support, it was then moved to its permanent home in New Street station. And wife Sharon – one of showbiz’s most outspoken women – was there for the official opening.

“I was overwhelmed” says Sharon “The bull is such a magnificent structure. It’s just amazing to think how many people that walk through New Street station every day will see Ozzy the bull. It’s such an incredible honor for Ozzy that the public voted to name it after him.”

It seems that all roads in Birmingham will eventually lead to an Osbourne. Alongside the bull and the Black Sabbath Bridge & Bench that was opened in 2019, there are now further plans to open a memorabilia museum in the city. “We’re preparing to sign for a building that will house the museum with an attached coffee shop,” explained Sharon.  “As soon as we do, we will announce the location and timeline for its launch. The museum is going to have memorabilia and multi-media from Ozzy’s career from the 1960’s to the present. Exhibits will include stage clothes, music gear, awards, vintage posters and photography, immersive video and audio displays as well as Ozzy’s personal artwork and so much more.”


It’s not just the memorabilia that people can enjoy. The Osbournes plan to provide facilities on site where local artists can perform and where fellow musicians will provide lessons to local kids who aren’t able to afford music classes. It’s a remarkable gesture to provide a platform that will give so much back to the city that Ozzy loves. But it’s obviously fast becoming a region that Sharon can’t get enough of too – as she’s back in town at the end of this month.

For one night she’ll be appearing at the Alexandra Birmingham with her show, Cut the Crap, where she’ll answer anything you could possibly want to know under the direction of journalist and TV’s Loose Woman, Jane Moore. Ever wanted to find out what makes Sharon Osbourne tick? Now’s your chance.

“This show is really about my life story,” says Sharon. “I’ve certainly lived a lot of life in my 71 years so there are a lot of stories to tell. Plenty of ups and downs, good luck and bad, too. It’s not all been wine and roses. I love hearing other people’s life stories. But I’d never buy a novel, I only buy biographies. I don’t like made-up stories. Mind you, I don’t think anyone could make up my story.  My life has been like a Jackie Collins novel – or so I’m told.” Does she think she attracts drama? “Yes, I do. I think it may be because I’m a bit eccentric so it must follow me around. I’m a magnet for drama.”


Is she a woman for regrets? “Sure. To have regrets is a part of life and growing. I often think ‘if I could only do that again’ but you can’t. So, all you can do is try to make sure you don’t do whatever it was another time. Not that I always succeed.” So, what does she regret professionally? “I’m someone who’s always said what’s on her mind. And then it’s gone. But other people won’t let it go. They don’t like confrontation and they don’t like it when I challenge a situation.”

Outspoken she may be but she’s also loving and loyal and hugely protective of husband Ozzy and their three children, Aimee, Kelly and Jack. Life is about to change with the Osbournes moving from Los Angeles back to their Buckinghamshire home. “It’s time to come home,” said Sharon. “I look at the years I’ve lived in LA as being permanently on holiday. But America is changing. It’s becoming more scary. I still feel very English. I’ve never felt American. More of my adult life has been spent there but I’ve never acquired an American accent. But I’m British and I want to come home.”

Will Buckinghamshire be their forever home or could the family ever be tempted to move to the Midlands and Birmingham specifically? “Never say never” said Sharon. “It’s now a cosmopolitan city; young, active and vibrant with so many great restaurants, all while still holding on to its sense of history. One thing I’ve learned is that you can never plan your future. We love Buckinghamshire, but Ozzy’s soul will always be in Birmingham.


She thinks it will help Ozzy to be UK-based. He was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2003, which went into overdrive following a fall five years ago. Such was the damage to his spine that he’s now undergone five major surgeries. “Once he gets home, and feels the love that’s here for him, that will be very healing,” said Sharon. “And the grandchildren can come and visit. It’s not like he’s never going to see them again!”

Ten years from now? “Well, I hope I’ll still be alive – and Ozzy, too. There are no outstanding goals, nothing left to prove. I’ve done it all. I’ve lived one helluva life. Now, I just want to spend important time with my husband.” But after a pause, Sharon admits: “I do like a mission, though. I’ve always got to be doing something…” You can say that again!

Sharon Osbourne Cut the Crap at the Alexandra Birmingham on 24 January, visit: