Shape up with HIIT

Midlands Air Ambulance doctor Rob Morris reveals his favourite HIITS – High Intensity Interval Training – exercises at home 

A busy lifestyle can make it tough to find enough time to keep yourself in shape. We asked Midlands Air Ambulance Charity’s flight doctor, Dr Rob Morris for his advice and he put together a selection of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercises – a mix of upper body, lower body, core and cardio moves. HIIT is great to fit into a busy schedule and doesn’t take up much room at home.


Start with 30 seconds of exercise and then 30 seconds rest following each exercise. The exercises listed will make up one round. See if you can build up to two or three rounds as your fitness level increases.

Burpees – Starting in a squat position, lean forward down onto your hands kicking your feet out behind you into the push up position. Do one push up, and as you come up bring your legs up and drive up into the air with a small jump before landing back down into the squat position and repeating.

Up down plank – Start in a high plank and drop down onto your elbows. Alternate the arm that you drop down onto and push up with.

High plank with arm and leg raises – In a high plank reach forward and lift opposite arm and leg before alternating to the other side.

Reverse lunges with knee drive – Standing with your feet together, step back with the right leg into a reverse lunge keeping your back straight. Drive forward bringing your right leg up in front of you. Add a little jump as you do so for extra effort. Repeat using your left leg to lunge.

Side shuffle – Keeping the knees bent, shuffle four or five paces from side to side reaching down to touch the ground at either end.

Bicycle crunches – Lie on your back with your hands behind your head and lift your feet just off the floor. Curl up and rotate bringing your elbow to meet your opposite knee and repeat alternating sides as you go.

Spider lunge – From a high plank position bring your right foot up and place it next to your right hand. Step back into a high plank and then do the same with your left foot. Keep alternating legs for each move.

Crab toe touches – Sit on the floor and lift yourself up on your hands and feet into a crab position.  At the same time straighten one leg up in front of you. Reach forward with the opposite hand to touch your toes.

Side plank – Hold your body straight in a side plank with your arm straight up, concentrating on holding your core tense. Hold for 15 seconds and then swap to the other side.

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