Rick’s 25 years at The Hall

Rick Cressman celebrates 25 years at Nailcote Hall with special anniversary party.

Owner Rick Cressman recently celebrate 25 years at the helm of Nailcote Hall in style with a special evening of glitz and glamour. Together with wife Sue, the local entrepreneur was joined by family, friends and regulars for a night of great food and entertainment that included singer Amelia Whiteman, saxophonist Julian Smith and party band Jarzino.

Photography by Peter Blanchflower

  1. Rick and Sue Cressman
  2. Maxine Larcombe, Sue Pearson, Betty Smith, Sue Cressman, Angela Worth, Joanne Bayliss
  3. Graham Harper table
  4. Rick and Barbara Cressman, Chris Sulway
  5. Betty Smith, Harry Wiggins, Brian and Beverley Tustain, Judith Waterhouse
  6. Interfruit table
  7. Rice Media table
  8. Tony Finch table
  9. Rick Cressman table