Restaurant reveals exciting new look

Special evening showcases re-imagined eatery to guests 

Guests enjoyed a night of cocktails, cuisine and live entertainment at the re-imagined Five Rivers Á La Carte restaurant in Walsall. Party-goers sipped exotic Tamarind Margaritas and Chilli Martinis and sampled canapés showcasing new menu items as they took in the restaurant’s bold new décor and mezzanine cocktail bar. Shamim HM, group director, said: “We were thrilled to reveal the new-look Five Rivers to our guests old and new. We had some wonderful feedback on the night which was great to hear – it was truly a night to remember.”


1 Neha Pandeya, Divesh Anand, Shamim HM

2 Anita Champaneri

3 Anjola Ajoa, Solomon Ofoaiye

4 Heidi Kaur, Nikita Chumber

5 Lorena Tolic, Emma Howden

6 Kindi Sunner

7 Rebecca Clougher, Gemma Morris

8 Sureet and Steve Kular

9 Sunny Nandra, Monifa Bobb Simon

Photography by iOne Photography