Red carpet launch at Electric

Spandex and glitter is order of the day at Mama Mia premiere

To celebrate the launch of Mama Mia 2, the Electric Cinema in Station Street rolled out the red carpet and played host to an Abba party. Guests and staff donned spandex and glitter to rewind time to the late 1970s when the group was at the height of its fame. The cinema was decorated with beach-themed accessories, a raffle was held for Birmingham charity Sifa Fireside and a competition for the best dressed. The evening was hosted by local performer and personality Ginny Lemon


1 Lorna McGlasher, Ginny Lemon

2 Ruth and Lloyd Scarsbrook

3 Natalie Richardson-Hughes, Haylee Kimberley-Taylor

4 Victoria Wells, Rebecca Shields

5 Ellouise and Lisa Badger

6 Alison and Olivia Gillett

7 Ella, Sybille and Rosie Finnegan

8 Sue Morris, Jayne Pinfold, Helen Young, Angie Terris

9 Michelle Keel, Tracy Robb

Photography by Designer Photography