Press Club hosts new book launch

Telegraph People charts heyday of big-city evening newspapers

Birmingham Press Club hosted a reception at Bank Restaurant to mark the launch of vice-president John Lamb’s book, Telegraph People. The book, published by Takahe Publishing, reveals the dramas – and fun – behind the print production of multi-edition, big-city evening newspapers in their pre-digital heyday. A former Fleet Street journalist, John started his career as a copy boy at the Coventry Evening Telegraph. He is now director of press and PR at Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce.


1 John Lamb with his daughter, Joanne Perry

2 Alan Carruthers, Claire Pinder-Smith

3 Llewela Bailey, Harriet Giles

4 Anita Sharma-James, Chris Hopkins, Claire Pinder-Smith

5 Brian Doogan, John Lamb, Hazel Horton-Peppercorn

6 Christopher Mowbray, Jon Griffin, Phil Brown

7 Paul Raymer, John Lamb, Sue Green, Fred Bromwich

8 Peter Brookes, Adrian Kibbler

Photography: Andrew Kibbler