Pasta-master Aldo serves up VIP treat

Celebrity chef Zilli gives guests taste of exciting new partnership with Lucarelli 

Lucarelli restaurant hosted a special VIP event to celebrate its new partnership with celebrity chef Aldo Zilli. The 60 guests enjoyed a live demo by Aldo, showcasing his authentic pasta-making skills. They were then treated to a delicious meal crafted by Aldo which included dishes such as seared Sicilian tuna with fennel and orange topping, wrapped lamb cannon with Pancetta served on orange mash and lamb jus, and Scrigni Cacio e Pepe. The event raised £850 for mental health charity, Mind.


1 Aldo Zilli, Carmine Sacco

2 Andrew Riley, Alev Dervish

3 Charlotte Ruff, George Hancorn

4 Alex Dymova, Galina and Gareth Thomas

5 Neha D’Souza, Lexi Florescu

6 Gemma Morris, Amy Langston, Sophie Howell

7 Preeti Sidhu, Liliana Ayana

8 Bharat and Anita Champaneri

9 Wayne and Joanne Shemmell

Photography by Semper Fi Photography for Delicious PR