Passion for fashion at Gardens

Experts reveal summer’s hottest new looks at Seasonal Style Event

Fashion and beauty experts offered a great line-up of summer must-haves when the annual Seasonal Style Event returned to Birmingham Botanical Gardens. This year’s event was sponsored by Dallas Burston Polo Club with support from John Lewis and raised nearly £4,000 for the Botanical Gardens charity.


1 Libby Hubbard, Marie Purcell, Beth Goodrham, Natalie Singh, Emma Wilkinson

2 Anna Albini, Alison Willis, Karyl Iles

3 Suzie Matthews, Jilly Cosgrove, Emma Larkin, Jessica Carlyle

4 Jessica Scott-Hake, Sally Walder

5 Philippa Pickavance, Shelley Carter, Karyl Iles

6 Lesley Cooper, Kim Hill

7 Joanne Williams, Sophia Spark, Olivia Cunningham, Maisie Robinson, Lucy Cox

8 Karina Connolly, Deborah Colder, Hellen Reilly, Jo Jones

9 Rhoda Fraser, Natasha Walkden