New restaurant to spice up food scene

Old England meets contemporary India as 1580 opens for business

Food journalists and bloggers were out in force at the launch of 1580 restaurant in Sutton Coldfield. The eatery’s name and theme is inspired by the year of Sir Francis Drake’s circumnavigation of the earth during which he discovered new exotic spices. The restaurant’s dark wooden interior, brick walls and soft lighting takes diners back to old England, while the menu is a culinary journey and contemporary interpretation of classic Indian cooking.


1 Kerry George, Naomi Stjuste, Gemela Brown

2 Zara Kennedy, Ashley Preece

3 Emma Stokes, Warwick Lea, Claire Tucker

4 Bharat Modhvadia, Sumit Jain, Vinny Bhogal

5 Laura Creaven, Ting Mewall, Alev Dervish

6 Nikita Chumber, Sumit Jain, Anita Chumber

7 George Elsmere, Dave Massey

8 Sumit Jain, Bharat Modhvadia, Yogesh Halai, Jay Modhvadia