Mythos Taverna, Hurst Street

The traditional Greek taverna vibes that now inhabit the site opposite the Hippodrome have been winking at us for a while, so we popped along for lunch and plonked ourselves on the heated covered terraced.

The mezze menu was the place we felt most at home with lots of small plates to share. If you’re vegetarian this is your best bet too. There’s one veggie dish on the Greek grill menu in among the meat-led list, but there’s more than enough mezze to keep you happy.

The menu recommends three mezze dishes for two people but we went for eight between four because we’re indecisive and we were a bit hangry. We opted for Spanokopita – feta, spinach, filo pastry. We’ve only had this in big pie form previously, but these were small cigar-shaped mouthfuls that were delicious. As were the Kolokythokeftedes – courgette fritters with a feta centre, slightly greasy, but the flavour was tip-top.

Soutzoukakia – fragrant meatballs with a rich tomato sauce weren’t our jam. There was nothing wrong with them, just packed with cinnamon or similar which didn’t do it for us. Hummus was a winner and a very generous portion as was the tzatziki. We hung onto both to dunk our mains into they were so good. Falafel was a crowd-pleaser served with a gorgeous smoky dip and crisp calamari with a sort of tartare sauce was probably the stand-out dish.

We went full-on meat for the main, but ordered two between four of us as they sounded pretty hefty. We were right. The Mixed Grill consisted of beautifully charred chicken and pork souvlaki, flavour-packed loukaniko sausage and halloumi all grilled over charcoal with a side salad and oregano fries. The fries were crunchy fat chips minus the oregano as far as we could tell, but regardless they were absolutely super.

The Sheftalia was Cypriot minced pork and lamb sausage served with pitta and oregano fries. The sausage was moist, herby and seriously tasty. There was no pitta with it, but we didn’t grumble as we really couldn’t eat another morsel. We also ordered a Greek salad which never arrived, but again, we didn’t need it. I’m sure a gentle nudge and the waiter would have brought it no bother.

Mythos is ideal for an early pre-theatre supper spot or for a long, lazy candlelight dinner. Lunch was great, but we reckon the vibe in the evening would be even better. Don’t expect slick, but do expect big rustic flavours with character.

MYTHOS, 70 Hurst Street, Birmingham, B5 4TD.