Millennium unveiling out of this world

Special launch event reveals planet Earth as you’ve never seen it before

The breath-taking Gaia artwork, created by artist Luke Jerram, was revealed at a special unveiling event at Millennium Point. The installation is suspended from the venue’s atrium, giving visitors the chance to view the Earth from every angle in space as never before. On display until 28 March, it is accompanied by a specially created surround sound composition by BAFTA award-winning composer Dan Jones. Gaia is free to visit for all ages, no booking required. More information at:


1 Jackie Graham, Natalie Graham

2 Abigail Daniels, George Jessop, Holly Young

3 Cllr Karen McCarthy, Simon Topman, Steve Holden

4 Fran Molina, Bastien Goubeaux, Ben Morgan

5 Hanifa Shah, Abbie Vlahakis

6 Simon Pitt, Rebecca Delmore, Jo Jeffries, Abbie Vlahakis

7 Kevan Holland, Victoria Webb, Abbie Vlahakis, Henrik Court

8 Phil Oldershaw, Kate Canty, Steve Evans

Photography by Ed Bagnall