Legal Firm marks 10-year milestone


Employment specialists joined by friends and clients for celebration

Schofield & Associates celebrated its 10th anniversary at Hogarths, Solihull. The employment specialist law firm, based in Knowle and headed by principal Eileen Schofield, was joined by friends, colleagues and clients to celebrate the landmark occasion.


1 Eileen Schofield, Diane Benussi, Mike Kelly

2 Gerard Dufficy, Richard Moxon

3 Sandrine and Andy Wakefield

4 Stephanie Boyce, Janie Frampton

5 Richard Fallon, Calum Nisbet, Henrik Court

6 Chris Allen, John Dufficy

7 Angela Richards, Gill Travitzky

8 Sarah Dwight, Judy Groves

9 Charlie Cooper, Sarah Coyne, Carina Jheeta

Photography by Jas Sansi