Leading Ladies step on it in Red Shoes

Reception inspired by Sir Matthew Bourne’s new staging of ballet

The stage was set for red carpet glamour at Birmingham Hippodrome at a SimkissGuy Recruitment Leading Ladies’ reception inspired by Sir Matthew Bourne’s new staging of his ballet, The Red Shoes. Sponsored by Marketing Birmingham, the event included networking, celebration cake and brand new cocktail called To Dance? To Live! from Edgbaston Boutique hotel and cocktail lounge. The Red Shoes will be returning to the Hippodrome from 19 to 22 July.

Photography by Vivienne Bailey


1 Dominic North, Marverine Cole, Sir Matthew Bourne, Fiona Allen, Chris Trenfield

2 Sarah Wood, Alex and Angela Graham

3 Jenny Hinks, Stella Layton, Frances Anderson, Kathy Halliday

4 Ashley Shaw

5 Claire Mac, Chris Trenfield, Louisa Evans

6 Mirella Harker, Kirsty Concannon

7 Nicola Hewitt, Emma Gray, Victoria Pargetter

8 Matt Truslove, Jayne O’Malley, Luke Pearson