Leading Ladies at Nutcracker

Chief execs in creative conversation as guests enjoy BRB’s The Nutcracker

Birmingham Hippodrome’s chief executive Fiona Allan and her counterpart at Birmingham Royal Ballet, Jan Teo, came together in creative conversation enjoyed by a gathering of guests at the Leading Ladies. The reception was followed by a performance of BRB’s The Nutcracker. Guests were given beautifully presented treats from Yipsy Macarons in thanks for their support for Leading Ladies throughout the year. The evening raised £1,000 for Hippodrome CREATIVE, the education, access and outdoor arts programme, bringing the annual total raised by Leading Ladies to a fantastic £15,000.


  1. Jane Teo, Fiona Allan, Helga Henry
  2. Sonia Hall, Helen Dyke
  3. Gill Hibberd, Karen Dodd, Polly Brookes, Zoe Allen
  4. Anita Hennessey, Keeley Howard, Tracey Howard, Kimberly Kong
  5. Stacey Batigan, Preetika Parekh, Danielle Hook, Tammy Paleari, Kate Clarke, Michelle Lister
  6. Beth Rose, Surbjit Balu
  7. Gemma Campbell, Saba Iqbal, Natasha Walkden, Ruth Pipkin, Emma Davenport, Eman Al-Hillawi
  8. Jackie Bullock, Claire Beedon
  9. Katie Smart, Sarah Riding, Victoria Hall-Sturt, Gemma Walker, Lesley Wilde
Photography by Vivienne Bailey