Law firm serves up ace day of tennis

Lodders family team hosts friends and contacts for fun-filled, on-court action 

The family team of law firm Lodders served up a day of tennis and high-tea. More than 50 guests including friends and professional contacts joined Lodders’ Beverley Morris, Vivienne Middleton, Caroline Dresden, Baldish Khatkar, and Christine Williams at Pershore Tennis Centre, Worcestershire. Partner Beverley, who heads the family law team, said: “The event was a great success with 56 players taking the opportunity to enjoy time on the court.”


1 Beverley Morris, Simon Corbishley, Sarah McCormick

2 Helen Anderson, Mary Osborne, Siew Kuan, Andrea

3 Marius Lutken, Sue Hartill, Caroline Dresden

4 Gail Eales, Lynda Collins, Jo Eales, Hannah Griffin, Baldish Khatkar, Alicia Farran

5 Graham Mills, Natasha Brandler

6 Beverley Morris, Pete Hodgson

7 Pershore Tennis Centre coaches, Mike, Lucy, Simon, Steve and Brad