Laughing all the way to 25 years

Glee Club celebrates anniversary with stars, friends and regulars

The Glee Club, Hurst Street celebrated its 25th anniversary in star-studded style. Acclaimed comedian Sara Pascoe and star and creator of the BBC’s Man Like Mobeen, Guz Khan, headed up a special birthday line-up that included Shooting Stars’s Angelos Epithemiou, Canadian Mike Wilmot and regular compere Andy Robinson from Oldbury, who has been performing at the club for more than 20 years. Friends of the Glee and regular guests were invited to the club to mark the celebrations.


1 Jemima Cox, Kate Glaze

2 David Parkinson, Jonathan Noone

3 Duncan and Fiona Burns

4 Neelam Ara, Faisal Aslam

5 Claire Tooke, Elin Dowsett

6 Hannah and Stuart Haynes

7 Laura Davis, Matt Gregor, Harriet Park-Davies, Alex Hill

8 Esther Cheung, Brian Smith

9 Matt Beck, Laura Still