Kouzina, Selfridges

We didn’t need telling twice that Kouzina had opened at Selfridges. Greek food is one of our faves. It doesn’t try too hard and is generally jam-packed with flavour. Thanks to this and the fact we attempted to relive every meal we’ve ever enjoyed in Greece, we over-ordered massively.

When we visited, Covid restrictions meant takeaway was the only option which killed the vibe a bit. We wanted a table laden with delicious meze but settled for balancing boxes of the good stuff on our knees parked up by Digbeth Funfair. Classy. Despite the dashboard picnic, the food tasted great. There are plenty of meze dishes to play with featuring all the usual suspects including a winning tzatziki. Then there are three options: The Box, The Wrap and The Salad Box.

We ordered The Box (£9). You get a sizeable box filled with Greek salad plus an absolute gem of a minted slaw, skin on fries, superb freshly cooked flat bread and a choice of protein including souvlaki, kalamari, beef kofta, a spiced sausage with leeks and veggie options halloumi, falafel or courgette and feta balls. We tried the pork souvlaki which was pretty good and added a portion of courgette and feta balls on the side which proved absolutely the star of the show. Crispy crumbed balls filled with gooey, salty creamy feta. We argued over the last one and normally we’re reasonably polite.

We also tried The Wrap filled with moreish rich lamb kleftiko and the same trimmings as The Box. In truth we can’t see much difference between The Box and The Salad Box, so didn’t duplicate. The wrap was awesome but like The Box it came with an unnecessary handful of fries. Having said that, the halloumi fries were delicious served with a mayo dip that had a subtle hint of curry flavour running through it. Really good.

By the time you read this, restrictions should have been lifted and you’ll be able to eat inside which will make a big difference here. It’s the kind of hearty flavoursome food ideal for sharing that’s best enjoyed round a table with a crowd. Our advice would be to ditch the fries and order extra courgette and feta balls – lots of them!

KOUZINA GREEK MEZE, Selfridges, Bullring, Upper Mall East, Birmingham, B5 4BP. kouzinagreekmeze.co.uk