Kirstie Smith

The marketing director of e-commerce and digital agency Cake, Kirstie Smith, is passionate about nurturing new talent, cycling, walking, yoga – and renovating interiors 


I started working in retail at All Saints head office in London. Following that, I decided to move agency side, just when social media had first been born. Back then, Instagram was nowhere to be seen and Twitter was the social media golden child. I then decided to launch Social Circle, a collaborative group of like-minded social media people, where we set up monthly social networking events and talk about all things social media. I am now at Cake where I’m the marketing director, and I also guest lecture at BCU on its Digital Marketing and Future Media course.


My work at Cake is focused on driving revenue through co-ordinated e-commerce, social media and digital strategy. In terms of my role as founder at Social Circle my favourite aspect of that role, similarly to the guest lecturing at BCU, is the nurturing of new talent.


Cake has had a successful year and I’m proud of everything the team has done to support clients throughout the pandemic. There is still room for us to grow and I want to be a part of leading that initiative. In terms of personal ambitions, I am hoping to set up a university programme at Cake to support students with tangible social media and digital skills, feeding them into other marketing agencies and businesses in and around Birmingham.


My most recent success has been the growth of the Cake team and client base in my first 18 months of being marketing director. Another proud moment would be my involvement in the Social Day events. Back in 2017, I attended one of the many Social Day events that were hosted in Birmingham. I was so inspired that I quit my job agency side and decided to go freelance as a social media consultant. Within a year, I was invited to speak at the main stage of the Social Day event in London and have returned to speak there every year since.


Always stay true to your values, never stop learning and never forget to have fun.


I moved to Birmingham from Leeds, and when I first drove into Birmingham, I went through the Jewellery Quarter and remember how my eyes just lit up. I think some people really don’t understand what a fantastic city Birmingham is. It is such a melting pot of diverse culture and talent – and the food is unbelievable!


I love going for bike rides and walks in and around Digbeth. I also participate in yoga which allows me to unwind from work. I also have a passion for interiors and I’m currently renovating a Badge Factory in the Jewellery Quarter.