JQ welcomes new gallery

Argentea promises to bring best of contemporary photography to Brum

New contemporary photography gallery Argentea opened its doors with a party. Located on St Paul’s Square in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter, the gallery will be showing contemporary photography from both British and international artists. Founder Jennie Anderson said: “Argentea’s opening marks an exciting time for the city’s photography scene. Our aim is to promote an appreciation of contemporary photography by presenting a programme of well-researched, thoughtful and stimulating exhibitions.”


1 Robert Gibb, Jennie Anderson, Ravi Deepres

2 Steve and Christina Turner, Paul Anderson

3 Harry Blackett, Jerry Blackett, Paul Faulkner

4 Jane Robson, Greg and Jo Lowson

5 Gemma Wilson, Lynda Bird

6 Prof Kevin Singh, Tracy Ledward, Jonnie Turpie

7 Robin Gillanders, Marjory Wilson, Fiona Sedgley

8 Chris Homer, Lizzy Lunn, Dawn Homer

9 Christine and Rob Freer

10 Sue Valente, Andy Paterson, Alex Nicholson-Evans

For more information about Argentea Gallery and its exhibitions visit www.argenteagallery.com.