John Lewis at Priory

Edgbaston Priory Club welcomes Lisa Williams of John Lewis Birmingham

Members, guests and supporters of Edgbaston Priory Club’s Friday Connections Lunch were joined by Lisa Williams, manager of John Lewis Birmingham. Lisa, who has a long association with the club through her family, explained the importance of the new Birmingham store to John Lewis and whetted guests’ appetites with an insight into what’s on offer. Friday Connections is supported by Sytner Birmingham, RLK Solicitors, Edge Creative and Arkade Property.

Photography by Nicola Gotts Photography


  1. Robert Bray, Lisa Williams, Matthew Chapman, Julie O’Hare, David Tucker
  2. Danielle Saunders, Andy Peate, Pauline Collinson
  3. Mark Panayides, Charlotte Bell, Paul Jones
  4. Yiannis Klerides-Maos, Matthew Chapman, Lee Tapping
  5. Jane Jones, Lisa Williams, Sophie Drake
  6. Phil Base, Tony Collinson
  7. Justine Davy, Sue Behan
  8. Jonathan Carter, Jenny Bomber, Robert Bray