In conversation with Andy Street

West Midlands mayor meets movers and shakers at event with BBC’s Patrick Burns

Movers and shakers from across Birmingham came together to take part in a conversation between West Midlands mayor Andy Street and Patrick Burns, the BBC’s Midlands political correspondent. In Conversation with Andy Street took place over a two-course lunch at Hotel du Vin. The event included a raffle which and raised more than £800 for Birmingham Big Art Project. Prizes were donated by City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, London Midland and Hyatt Regency.


1 Jonnie Turpie, Glyn Pitchford, Francis Thomas

2 Charles Gillett, Caroline Taylor

3 Paul Brown, Bernice Heard, Mario Flanagan

4 Veronica Kumeta, Shelley Duncan

5 Tony Elvin, Glyn Pitchford, Mayor of Birmingham Cllr Anne Underwood, Andy Street, Patrick Burns

6 Myron Klymyszyn, Monique Royle, Tom Bourton, Nick Hammond, Eddie Williams, Douglas Bonham, Alan Smith, Rob Parker, Lorraine Bridges, Richard Holmes

Photography by Jas Sansi