Henry Wong greets Year of the Rooster

Restaurant celebrates Chinese New Year with banquet and lion dance

Henry Wong Harborne welcomed in the Year of the Rooster by hosting its annual Chinese New Year celebration banquet, attended by more than 80 people. Guests were treated to a four-course meal before being entertained by a traditional lion dance and live DJ. The popular Cantonese High Street restaurant has been a mainstay of Harborne’s culinary scene for more than 30 years.

Photography by Dale Martin


1 Ricky Wu, Mariane Ho, Shine

2 Shelley and Fraser Duncan, Veronica Kumeta, Adam Seymour, Trish Kennedy

3 Ally and Debbie Macleod, Ann and Peter Bache

4 Keith and Bev Redguard, Yetunde and Barrington Watt

5 Jenny Rampling, Mary Louey, Ronnie Foster, Linda Deeley

6 Rachel Learmonth, Chris Nye, Rosa Sham, Matthew Nye, Cecilia Chan

7 Parm Rai, Rebecca Williams

8 Brad and Amanda Allen

9 Val and Terry Baxter