Guests enjoy drop of the black stuff

Cheers! Creative Guinness-themed evening is big hit at the Jam House

Edge Creative hosted its latest Where Extraordinary Relationships Begin event at the Jam House in St. Paul’s Square. The Guinness-themed event was sponsored by Finance 4 Business and KLO Financial Services with more than 100 guests treated to Guinness and Guinness Espresso Martinis provided by drinks sponsor Diageo.


1 Lesley Griffin, Mark Panayides, Nathan Haines, Andrew Griffin

2 Terry Michael, Anna Hajilari, Stuart Price, Rupa Parekh

3 David Lloyd, Eleni Constantinou, Matt Hetherington

4 Henrik Court, Sam Adkins, Adam Heard, Sarah Shirley

5 Anthony Kendall, Shaheen Shah, Pete Hall

6 Nigel Pugh, William Taaffe, Martin Hall

7 Rich Moore, Steven Court

8 Matthew Lawrence, Paul Varley, Dave Golightly

9 Angie Lewis, Raimund Berens, Paul Lewis