Get fit in 30

Critical care Paramedic Ian Lock has put together an exclusive circuit workout to mark the 30th anniversary of Midlands Air Ambulance. Are you ready to flex your muscles, Birmingham? 

Inspired by Midlands Air Ambulance’s 30th anniversary, critical care paramedic Ian Lock has created a circuit ‘chipper’ workout you can complete at home, which is 30 reps of each exercise – 360 reps in total! Couple of important points – make sure to stretch, warm up and cool down to avoid injury and consult with your doctor if you are unsure before undertaking any exercise. 

Circuit 1: Push

30 x press ups – Keep your core tight, bend the arms and lower body until arms are bent at 90 degrees or chest just touches the floor, return to the extended position.

30 x seated shoulder press – Seated position, legs extended and wider than shoulder width. Hold dumbbells at shoulder height, extend both arms until straight, then lower to start position.

30 x tricep dips – Use a chair or step and grip the edge. Walk the legs out until straight and resting on the heels. Bend your arms until they reach 90 degrees and push back to start position. 

Circuit 2: Pull

30 x bicep curls – Stand with a dumbbell in each hand, arms hanging by your sides and palms faced forward. Bring the dumbbells up to your shoulders, bending your elbows. Reverse the curl slowly and repeat.

30 x bent over row – Start in a hinge position with knees bent and a straight back. Pull the dumbbells upwards keeping the arms in line with the body until level with the hinge of the hips, then lower.

30 x narrow grip press up – Start in press up position, with hands narrower than shoulder width apart. Keeping the arms in line with the body, lower until 90 degrees or chest hits the floor, extend and repeat.  

Circuit 3: Legs

30 x squats – Start with legs slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Squat down as low as is comfortable; try and ensure knees do not go over your feet, stand up straight.

30 x reverse lunges – Take a long step backwards with one leg and lower until knee is close to the floor. Push up and bring rear leg to standing position. Repeat with other leg.

30 x step ups – Push through your lead foot and lift your body up onto the step. Step backward to the starting position and alternate legs. 

Circuit 4: Abs

30 x core reach – Lie down with legs bent at 45 degrees. Extend your arms with hands in line with your face, curl the torso up into sit up position. Control the curl back to start position.

30 x Russian twist – Start in seated position, legs bent at 45 degrees and feet off the floor slightly. If using a weight, hold with both hands in front of your torso. Rotate the torso to each side, aiming to keep legs straight and off the floor.

30 x plank shoulder taps – Assume a straight arm plank position. With the core engaged, alternate lifting each hand up to tap the opposite shoulder.

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