Gateway to India launches in style

Broad Street’s new food destination arrives on scene in a yellow tuk tuk

A bright yellow tuk tuk announced the arrival in Broad Street of the new Gateway to India restaurant. Launch guests, including local TV and radio stars and city corporates, got a flavour of the new eatery which focuses on authentic tastes and culinary styles. The restaurant also pays homage to the mesmerising array of Indian street food with an emphasis of vegetarian dishes full of flavour and non-halal curries.


1 Denise Morris, Abdul Shakur, Anita Chumber

2 Gemma Moore, Jonny Emsden

3 Gov Singh, Anita Champaneri, Shevy Sandhu

4 Rene Williams, Rai Singh, Richard Vickery

5 Shelly, Ranj Barn, Sacha Brooks

6 Dionne Buckingham Brown

7 Rebecca Malone, Jimi Shabir, Kasim Chowdhry

8 Neelam Jutla, Denise Morris, Ria Jutla, Suman Pitcher

9 Gemma Moore, Suraj and David Gregory Kumar