Flaming Christmas

Light up your festive drinks party with this sexy little cracker

It’s Chrrrristmassss! Why not celebrate with something just a little fancy like this sexy little number from the mixologists that head up Birmingham’s newest cocktail bar, Nude Bar & Grill, tucked away on Bennetts Hill. But please make sure you enjoy responsibly this festive season.



• 25ml Havana Club 3

• 25ml Old J Spiced Rum

• 25ml Plantation Overproof

• 75ml Pineapple juice

• Dash of Mrs Betters Bitters

• Dash of Angostora Bitters

• 25ml Sugar syrup


• 2 x Pineapple leaves

• Passion fruit shell

• Brown sugar


  • Combine all the ingredients in a Boston Shaker (only 12.5ml of Overproof).
  • Add cubed ice, wet shake. Fill a tikki cactus glass with cubed ice, and double strain into the glass.
  • Add the straw and pineapple leaves. Balance a pineapple shell on top of the foam. Add some brown sugar and 12.5ml of Overproof. Light the passion fruit using a blow torch. Excite the flames with some cinnamon.
Nude Bar & Grill, 38 Bennetts Hill, Birmingham, B2 5SN. nude-barandgrill.co.uk