Fashion event in aid of Samaritans

Models hit the catwalk as designers make a splash in aid of Samaritans 

Cobden Hotel, Hagley Road was the venue for ‘The Fashion Event’ which raised money in aid of the Samaritans. Julie Morris and Sophie Alexander, the reigning Miss Diamond Hereford, hosted the show with 25 models wearing outfits from original designers, Omojevbe Couture, Wobia Designs and Jolina and resellers Diamond Couture and Jumping Ships. Also on the runway, Birmingham-based Warrillow Studios showed a collection of handcrafted vegan millinery. Entertainment came from singers Iridis and Laura Griffiths and dancers Tierney Lawrence and Sewli Bhattacharyya.


1 Beverly Greenwood, Iridis

2 Rachael Kin, Niamh Franklin, Vicky Lang

3 Trinity Harper, Bina Rahul

4 Anne Barratt, Charley Rodgers, David Barratt

5 Jessica Jones, Esther Jones

6 Julie Morris, Lewis Cromwell, Sophie Alexander

7 Jessica Januszkiewicz, Chelsie Rose Evans

8 Rachel Warrillow, Dave Warrillow

9 Julie Wright Howard, Jane McKenzie

Photography by Designer Photography