Dream bedrooms

Spring has sprung and amid the desire to de-clutter let’s think about the bedroom for a second.

We spend an average of 16 years of our lives in bed, so when considering where in the home to invest time and money this season, your boudoir is a good bet


Tiredness is at best annoying and at worst debilitating, so ensuring a good night’s sleep is key to productive days. Some say the base of your bed doesn’t matter, focus on the mattress. There’s no denying the mattress is king, but it must be sitting on a flat stable base to feel the benefit. Good foundations are important. Go for a solid divan without drawers then invest in the best mattress you can afford. Expect to pay upwards of £500. Open spring is the cheapest but the least comfortable. Instead go for pocket sprung, memory foam or latex. They all have different qualities and densities so try them out and don’t be rushed. It’s such an important and personal buy.


With a big tick in the bed box, move on to storage. This may sound a trifle dull and what you’d like to do is go mad with colours, cushions and chandeliers, but get the basics sorted first and then move on to accessories. The overall effect and functionality will be better. It’s a good idea to have a clear out before you decide how much wardrobe/drawer space you actually need. It’s pointless spending money to house clothes you haven’t worn since 1989. Get rid! Built-in or free standing? This depends on the look you’re after and the size of your bedroom. If it’s particularly snug, is an odd shape or you want a sophisticated modern vibe, built-in is best. Check out the sleek handleless finish at Neatsmith or for a more traditional look try Neville Johnson. If you’re going for a classic period look, why not visit some of Birmingham’s vintage haunts and antique stores like John Hubbard Antiques which has a fantastic selection of beautifully restored furniture. There are also some really convincing traditional pieces from the high street. Laura Ashley’s Broughton range is particularly good.


Unless you like getting up with the larks in the summer months, invest in some heavily lined curtains or blinds. They might be more pricey than the light ready-made versions available but they are worth it. Apart from fitting perfectly and keeping the room at optimum darkness, bespoke gives you creative freedom. Choose that amazing fabric you’ve been hankering after and stipulate the look and finish. Checkout the stunning Liberty range of fabric at Guthrie and Ghani in Moseley or for ultimate creative freedom learn how to make your own at one of their workshops.


With the important practical purchases out of the way let your creative juices flow and focus on the rest of the room. Dress your room with beautiful pieces that you love and you might just find a renewed spring in your step in the morning – provided you’ve had a good night’s sleep of course!