Comedian delivers lunch punchlines

Award-winning Jeremy Nicholas provides the laughs as guest speaker at Press Club

Broadcast journalist-turned-comedian Jeremy Nicholas provided the laughs when he appeared as guest speaker at a Birmingham Press Club lunch. Award-winning Jeremy, who last year enjoyed a successful 27-show run at the Edinburgh Fringe, reminisced about a career which has taken him from the Midlands – where he received a punch from legendary Nottingham Forest manager Brian Clough ¬– to the BBC World Service, Channel 5 and being stadium announcer at West Ham United FC. The lunch was held at the Circle Restaurant, Birmingham Hippodrome.


1 Llewela Bailey, Jeremy Nicholas, Bob Warman

2 Olie Hills, Jo Jeffries, John Duckers, Dorothy Hobson, Simon Pitt

3 Clive Reeves, Hazel Horton-Peppercorn

4 Alan Carruthers, Diane Hall, Neil Wilson, Fred Bromwich

5 Claire Fry, Steve Price, Jessica Brabant

6 Dean Williams, Chris Mair, Sue Smith, Chris Mowbray

7 Said Khan, Jackie Royal, Kate Canty

8 Bob Warman, Bob Haywood, Anne and Reg Harcourt

Photography by Ian Tennant