Coffee lovers get a taste of Canada

Join the queue as maple leaf’s favourite brand makes debut

A queue of 200 people greeted Canada’s biggest coffee brand as it opening its doors in Birmingham. Tim Hortons in New Street is the company’s first store in the Midlands. Chief commercial officer Kevin Hydes cut the ribbon before coffee lovers got to enjoy some of the brand’s signature products, such as the famous Timbits and French Vanilla. A number of Canadians now living in Brum were some of the first through the door as well as a number of die-hard Timbits fans who queued draped in Canadian flags.


1 Alev Dervish, Kevin Hydes, Anita Champaneri

2 Jimi Shabir, Bernice Heard and friend

3 Alex Claridge, Emma Tronson

4 Cate Spree, Dhechen Lama

5 Jaz Rohel, Sharon and Gov Butter, Anita Champaneri, Naomi Aly

6 Mr and Mrs Tony Green

7 Phil Oldershaw, Lucy Elvin