Champagne evening boosts cancer unit

Henry Wong supports Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer at Laurent-Perrier taster

Harborne Cantonese restaurant Henry Wong welcomed more than 70 guests for a Laurent-Perrier Champagne taster event in support of Midlands charity, Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer. Diners were treated to a selection of the restaurant’s finest cuisine with each course partnered by an accompaniment from the Champagne house. The event made more than £7,000 for the charity which raises funds for Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s cancer unit. Charity founder Veronica Kumeta said: “We are so grateful to Parm and Henry Wong for making this event possible.”

Photography by Jas Sansi


1 Paul and Sarah Platnauer, Rachel Hanke

2 Byron Head, Ron Atkinson, John Wiley

3 Susan and David Davies, Jan Head, Di Blackstone

4 Lesley Myers, Vivienne Moulder

5 Sackie Somal, Rish Rai, Sharan Gill, Rajinder Hayre

6 Shelley Duncan, Parm Rai, David Green, Veronica Kumeta

7 Karen Neuberg, Caroline Lyle, Sandra Fender, Andrea Delaney Hall, Karen Blower

8 Jess Wilkes-Reading, Alan Ball, Pal and Jay Tawana