Please raise your glasses to Brazil’s national cocktail, the Caipirinha

In celebration of the opening of South American-inspired restaurant Las Iguanas in Temple Street, our COTM is Brazil’s national cocktail, Caipirinha, made with cachaça, sugar and lime. The Caipirinha originated around 1918 in the state of São Paulo, deriving from a popular recipe made with lemon, garlic and honey designed to cure Spanish flu. Today the drink is enjoyed in restaurants, bars and households throughout the country.


  • 35ml cachaça
  • 1 lime
  • 3 teaspoons of crystal or refined sugar


Cut the lime into eight chunks. Add the sugar and muddle, pushing and twisting. Half fill the glass with crushed ice. Add the cachaça. Mix all the ingredients together gently with a spoon and top with crushed ice. Delicioso!

Las Iguanas, Somerset House, Temple Street, Birmingham B2 5DP. Tel: 0121 392 2923