Brindleyplace greets new Thai restaurant

Premium offering with a twist on the menu as Siamais makes a big splash

Guests enjoyed the launch of a new Bangkok-inspired restaurant and bar in Brindleyplace. Siamais takes its name from the word Siam (the old name for Thailand) and the word Siamese to reflect the twin offering of food and drink. The eatery – quirky in style but a premium offering – boasts a menu that is a modern representation of Thai classics. There is even a ‘secret’ drinks menu which changes every month.


1 Yen Ting Miu, Nishil Nathwani, Conor McCormack

2 Katy Poulsom, Will Leslie

3 Maila Tablizo, Stefan Mirea

4 Nathan Humphries, Anita Champaneri, Andy Goulding

5 Aidan and Anne McGowan

6 Becky Humphries, Janna Hadley

7 Simran Bansal, Steve Denyer

8 Nishil Nathwani, Sacha Brooks, Yen Ting Miu

9 Sara Saba, Krishna Parmar, Beth Deaves, Keshia Golbourne